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Pleasant Hill R-III Schools


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Benefits Summary

Pleasant Hill R-III School District


A copy of all district policies pertaining to employment can be found on the district website here.

Employees shall be granted one day sick leave per month of employment. This leave can accumulate to one hundred twenty (120) days. See Policy GCBDA, revised 6/6/15.

For each day of unused sick leave, employees who leave the district and have worked in district 7-9 years will be paid twenty five (25) dollars per day up to the 120 days; employees who leave the district and have worked in district 10 or more years will be paid forty (40) dollars per day up to the 120 days. Employees who have been released (due to performance) from employment, pay for unused sick leave will be forfeited. Employees who remain in the district and have accumulated 120 sick days, at the end of the year, will be paid at twenty-five (25) dollars per day, for unused sick days over the 120 days. See Policy GDBDA and GCBDA, revised 6/6/15.

Two days of personal leave shall be granted to each employee annually, non accumulative, to be taken for personal business, act of God where life or home is endangered, birth of employee’s child or grandchild. However, unused personal leave days will accumulate as sick leave days. Personal leave should be requested through supervisor and superintendent at least one day in advance if at all possible. See Policy GCBDA. revised 6/6/15.

Employees who have accumulated twenty (20) or more days of sick leave at the end of the prior year may use up to five (5) days of this leave for personal days during the current school year. See Policy GDBDA., revised 6/6/15.

Any teacher who has been in the school system for a period of six years may request a leave of absence for one year. Upon returning to the system, the employee shall be reinstated at the proper position on the salary schedule, losing only that time during which regular duties were not performed. See Policy GCBDB, revised 5/20/2003.

The salary schedule shall be reviewed each year.  All years of prior teaching experience may be considered when a new teacher comes into the system.  New teachers to the system will be required to attend orientation days prior to their first year of employment. See Policy GDBA-R, revised 2/21/17.

Maternity leave will be treated the same as any other sick leave. Employees eligible for FMLA leave for the birth, first-year care, adoption or foster care of a child will have such leave applied in accordance with the FMLA. The district shall only apply up to six weeks of accrued paid leave to such absences.

Employees who are ineligible for FMLA leave may take up to six weeks of leave for the birth, first-year care, adoption or foster care of a child and may use any combination of accrued sick leave, personal leave, vacation or unpaid leave. See Policy GCBDA., revised 6/6/15.

Two days bereavement leave shall be granted to each full-time employee, to be taken for death in the immediate family. One day may be taken for a funeral of a friend or distant family member.  One (1) additional day leave for special circumstances may be requested through the supervisor and superintendent if requested at least one (1) day in advance. See Policy GCBDA., revised 6/6/15.

A health insurance and a life insurance policy will be available to all full-time employees. The amount the board contributes to these benefits will be reviewed annually. See Policy GCBC, revised 7/16/13.

For advancement on the salary schedule past a Masters degree, the graduate hours shall have been earned from a credible institution since the session in which the teacher became eligible for the Master’s degree. See Policy GCBA-R, revised 2/21/17.

A sick leave pool will be organized for employees who wish to become a member. Membership is gained by contributing one sick day to the pool. A member may be eligible to draw from the pool after using all of their accumulated sick leave and after being off work for three consecutive school days without pay. Sick leave pool benefits may be granted by the pool committee after review of an application for benefits. See Policy GCBDAA, revised 8/16/16.

An extra-duty pay scale will be established for personnel who have extra duties. This pay scale will be reviewed each year. See policy GCKA, revised 10/14/93 and IGD, revised 11-20-12.

Employees will be informed at the beginning of each school year their number of accumulated sick days available. See Policy GCBDA., revised 6/6/15.

Employees working more than thirty (30) hours per week shall be entitled to all benefits listed above except leave of absence. Part-time employees (working 30 hours or less per week) shall be entitled to sick and personal leave equivalent to contract terms. See Policy GCBC. revised 7/16/13.